The impact assessment of projected climate change and adaptation options in the forestry and agricultural sectors



Project ID.: TÁMOP-4.2.2.A-11/1/KONV-012-0013.

Lead Partner: West Hungarian University

Head of Project: Prof. Dr. Csaba Mátyás, academician.

Action conducted by NARIC FRI: Action A.

Title of Action A: GIS based integrated system development in order to provide a compatible framework for calculated and projected results and models.

Head of Action: Attila Borovics, PhD.


Subject: Climate change is the most influential and most important environmental and consequently social challenge of our time.

Despite the fact that final outcome of climate change is not fully known yet and the impacts of changes are hard to be assessed in their finest details, it is inevitable to try to be as well prepared as it is possible in all fields of life. As part of preparedness it is essential to make a scientific risk assessment for land use sectors. We try to do so in the field of forestry looking for answers for such questions as these: in what extend will the climate of forests change? What major impacts are likely in the field of forestry regarding: stability, timber production, vitality, species composition, and last but not least management?


Task of Action A: We are aiming to build a coherent, spatial data system that covers all the meaningful environmental factors at a fine scale to serve the data needs of strategic planning of different land use regimes. It makes possible to evaluate current land use systems and calculating with foreseen climate change impacts gives a hand in future planning between land use branches. This data system developed under the umbrella of a wide scientific co-operation and provide a sound scientific base for a decision support system to help future rural development and the implementation of adaptation strategies.


Tasks of Action A, led by NARIC FRI


Integration of terrain, soil, geologic and hydrologic databases


Illés Gábor


Time scale database of climate parameters


Illés Gábor


Database of forest areas 


Somogyi Zoltán


The database and information technology system of orest protection monitoring and forest damage data for the past 30 years


Csóka György


Integration of the research results for the sake of creating a geographical information system conception


Illés Gábor



Environmental database

Time-scaled climate database

Forest database

Forest protection

Integration of the results


Co-operating parties:


- DigiTerra Information Services Ltd.

- ESRI Hungary Ltd.

- Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing

- Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary

- Meridum Consulting Ltd.

- University of West Hungary Institute of Geomatics and Civil Engineering

- University of West Hungary Institute of Environmental and Earth Sciences

- Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) Climatology Division

Government Office of County Zala