General project overview


On this page You may find detailed information about projects having either:

 1.       a strict and clear GIS approach or

2.       an extended interpretation opportunity thanks to its GIS application.


Forest related research projects generally share a common characteristic, namely they are established under specific spatial – and consequently – ecological conditions. This fact is the reason for knowing about the spatial characteristics is essential so that these results can be interpreted or generalised in a wider way (e.g.: vegetation zones).


On this pages we keep reporting about our projects to help You to navigate among them. Besides the main projects’ data and links towards the details project fact sheets contain more information about:


-          main aims of the project,

-          short introduction into the scientific background,

-          list of project partners participating in the realisation.


It is IMPORTANT to notify that this site reports about activities which are done exclusively by NARIC FRI. Reporting on our partners activities is not our goal.


At the end of project descriptions we placed links towards further readings for:


-          related publications,

-          related map services, and

-          related events.


Ongoing projects: Agroclimate